Brinjac Lighting Studio (BLS) is pleased to announce that construction has completed on the 150,000 SF new Radian Headquarters project in Philadelphia, PA. BLS provided architectural lighting design services for the mortgage insurance company's new headquarters.  Service included conceptual design, documentation, calculations, custom fixture design, artistic lighting install, and full construction period services.

BLS worked with Radian to design an inspiring lighting scheme around the company's "Ensuring the American Dream" brand tagline and mission. The design team faced the challenge of converting standard office space into a bright, modern and easy-to-navigate workplace under budget for cost and energy use. Fully integrating the scheme with the interior design, the space features a grand connecting stair with hanging keys and glowing orbs to visually represent the customers and their homes that Radian protects. Using 0-10 volt dimmable LED lights ensured a high-aesthetic and energy-efficient design solution for the company.

To learn more about this project click here - Radian HQ