Harrisburg, PA
Markets: Civic & Cultural, Retail
Architect/Landscape Architect: Hayes Large Architects
Project Date: Design started - 1999, Construction complete - 2001
Project Size: 65,000 SF

The only museum in the United States that portrays the entire story of the American Civil War, featuring equally balanced presentations that are humanistic in nature without bias to Union or Confederate causes. BLS provided architectural lighting design for the entire facility, and also worked with the exhibit designers to portray the story line of the museum in a multi-layered sensory experience. The lighting system was designed to assist the theatrical audio-visual displays that place the visitor into different scenes from the war, such as a slave auction, battle zone, and military camp. At the same time, the system delivers sufficient light for the viewing of artifacts and displays, with carefully located fixtures that provide uniform, glare free light to reader rails, in a manner that visitors cannot shadow.