• Interior Lighting

    At BLS, we listen to our clients to find out what they want their interior spaces to be. How should people feel inside the space? What sort of image of the Owner or Occupant is being projected? Do you want to direct people to a certain area or create a focal point? We will use our expertise to determine where and how to apply the light in order to create the look you're going for.

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  • Exterior Lighting

    Exterior environments are just as important as interior environments, and they come with their own set of unique requirements, such as light trespass and light pollution. Whether you want to light a building or a bridge, a tree or a forest, a parking lot or an entire city... BLS is there to help your outdoor project look spectacular at night.

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  • Custom Fixture Design

    Lots of times a standard, off-the-shelf fixture will do a great job of meeting the needs of a given lighting application. However, sometimes existing products just won't cut it for your unique project. We love the opportunity to explore modifications to existing products or to design custom pieces to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of your one-of-a-kind situation.

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  • Sports Lighting

    Proper illumination of a sports field is critical, not only for the safety and performance of the participants; but also so that the action is clearly visible for the spectators, both in-person and via video broadcast. Whether your sports venue is large or small, indoors or outdoors, or all of the above, BLS can design the lighting to provide the quality and quantity of light needed to meet all of your project's requirements.

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  • Daylighting

    Incorporating natural light into an interior environment can be wonderfully therapeutic... enhancing a mood, brightening a task, or warming the skin on a cold winter day. However, with great power comes great responsibility. BLS can help your project to avoid the negatives that daylight can bring, such as glare and overheating, and to create a truly inviting daylit space.

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  • Control Systems

    Controls for lights can range from the simple to the complex; what's appropriate in one situation may not be appropriate in another. The reasons for using controls can vary as well, from the desire to save energy, to setting the scene for different tasks, to creating a mood... Talk to the BLS designers and we can help determine what type and complexity of controls are right for you and your project.

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  • Computer Modeling

    Architectural lighting design is a blend of artistic creation and scientific know-how. The BLS staff can utilize computer software in a variety of ways to technically support the artistic vision... From the photorealistic rendering of your high-profile lobby, to a nighttime fly-through of the project site, to simply providing illuminance calculations to verify that the design meets the project's requirements, we've got the science to back up the art.

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  • Stage & Theatre Lighting

    To be (illuminated) or not to be (illuminated)? That is the question. A decent lighting system is essential for creating the right mood for any stage performance. BLS can design a system that is appropriate for the venue - indoors or outdoors, large or small - so the end users will be able to work their magic and set the scene from the first performance to the last.

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  • Historic Lighting

    Some projects have historical relevance that requires a special set of skills and attention to detail for proper and respectful illumination. BLS has those skills, helping to evaluate what the existing circumstances are, what once was, and the desire for what will be again... and the lighting design expertise to bring the past back to life.

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  • Highway and Streetscape Lighting

    While illumination of roadways is important, we feel that lighting for people is even more important. Beyond basic footcandles on asphalt, we want to help create a roadway environment that is not only safe and secure, but also aesthetically pleasing and convenient for both the users and the owner. And of course, we will work to make sure the design is compliant with whatever local municipality's ordinances are in effect.

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  • Sustainable/LEED Design

    Green design is no longer a passing fad, but a mandatory part of every project. Even if the project isn't specifically aiming for a LEED designation, the BLS team will design the lighting system to be energy efficient. This not only helps to save the Earth's resources, but also saves long-term costs for the Owner, too.

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